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R.P.Public School

Welcome to Kids Castle Pre-School, the most loving pre-school. At Kids Castle our aim is to make every day a learning day, filled with new and wonderful experiences to help young learners find what interests and inspires them.

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Welcome to Kids Castle Pre-School, the most loving


Welcome to Kids Castle Pre-School, the most loving


Welcome to Kids Castle Pre-School, the most loving

Why Choose Us?

Best School in Chakia, Bihar

Our School is one of the Best School in Chakia and provide Quality Education to the Students.

Match with the Pace of Student

Weather the Student is sharp or they need extra guidance our teachers are always supportive and ready to help.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are well Experienced and they have patience to handle all kind of children with good Care.


Trusted by Thousand of Students and Parents

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Google Reviews
Roushni has developed very good activities and learnt a lot. Happy to see the changes in her. everyday she come home with new activities and she will become my teacher at home. thanks to Manisha maam and R.P. Public School
Child Name- Roushni
Paarents Name- Sanjay Mehta
Appreciate the class Teacher Sunita Madam for having the patience to teach the child and make them to do the activity in class hour. The school has been too good as my son has become proactive in day to day life. Thanks to R.P. Public School staff & appreciate all the activities they do at School.
Child Name- Rajat
Paarents Name- Subha Sankar Dey
Great improvement seen in Geeta in terms of English speaking, reading rhymes and doing activities. Continue the same. Very good experience. Thanks to all the teachers and staff for taking good care of her.
Child Name- Geeta
Paarents Name- Vikrant Singh
Aaradhya has improved a lot in her writing part. I was a little worried about whether she will be able to cope up or not. Good she showed improvement. The video that I saw was really nice. I appreciate the class teacher and other staff members who guide the kids so well to improve the basics. I would like to thank all of them.
Child Name- Aradhyan
Paarents Name- Sameer Sinha